Blinkist, I love you

When I first heard of you almost 1 year ago, I was still a naïve young man.

But after 6 months of premium relationship with you, I understood that this world has so much to offer

For 6 months I had the chance the spend time with you, making the most of you and satisfying my appetite for new content

Your limitless content has complemented my endless curiosity



blinkist ilove u


I feel the distance

Since your premium version left me, I can feel there is something missing. Where’s my daily infusion of knowledge on the way to work?

Where’s my daily input of confidence about a new topic?

Where are my exclamations of joy when you shift a new paradigm in my brain?

While everyone else was just walking along, your smooth voice(s) was explaining all these challenging concepts to me without anyone noticing.


You changed my life

As with many young millennium babies, reading books has often been a chore, something our parents tell us to do.

It took me some time before I realized human wisdom was hidden between the lines of some bestsellers.

But how do you manage that when you live in 2016 and we produce more information in 1 year than during our entire human history?

Since the first day, your resources and values have enlightened me.

You’ve taught me to go directly to the point and focus on what really matters.




Because you are smart

During those 180 days of my premium version with you, I read more than 165 book summaries. From historical facts, psychology, time management, personal growth and mindset, small business and leadership, I had a taste for the latest discoveries from the last few years.

It is with passion that I have been reading you, expanding my understanding of the world through sleepless nights, random walks in the city or simply at the shops.

As I am writing my book, you have been an incredible friend when it comes to providing sources and explanations for the concepts I am talking about.

You are the witness who enlarges my vision and understanding of the world


And beautiful

But more than making me smarter, you have illuminated and inspired me.

Yes, being smart and knowledgeable is important.

But the crème de la crème is being a source of inspiration.

And in the process of creation, this is the first step. Along the way it turns into motivation.

But at the end of the adventure, it is the real reward.


Blinkist has opened many doors leading to discoveries of evasion and exploration

From powerful biographies to the explanatory success behind what makes our society what it is today, all of this was food for thought.


So yes, you could say you’re like a type of fast food, but probably the tastiest and definitely the healthiest.


Baby come back

This little declaration is not a sponsored one. It is a genuine call for everyone to get to know this beautiful technological being. You too should give a chance to the passion of being alive

All I hope is that the creative minds behind you will understand how grateful I would be to have you a bit more in my life.

Because I don’t want to live without you anymore Blinkist, give me one more chance

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